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Customer satisfaction with products/services

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Customer satisfaction with products/services

Are your customers satisfied?

Customer satisfaction surveys enable collection of valuable information directly from your customers while simultaneously sending out a message that you care about their opinion. This type of research will help you better understand their needs and expectations as well as determine what type of experience do you offer them with your products and services.

Basic questions which will be answered:

  • What is my customers' general satisfaction?
  • Which are the factors of my products/services they are more, and which they are less satisfied with?
  • Which factors are most correlated with their satisfaction?
  • What are the most important reasons for their dissatisfaction?
  • What are their suggestions for the improvement of my products/services?
  • Would they recommend the use of my products/services to their friends and acquaintances?
  • Will they continue buying/using my products/services?