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Analysis of buyers movements within retail store

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Analysis of buyers movements within retail store

Today's customers are being exposed to numerous stimuli on a retail location, ranging from the diversity of products available on the retail location, which part of the store are the products displayed at and what is their position on a shelf, are they being particularly separated, what is their price, is there some kind of discount, are they displayed in promotional catalogues or on the banners etc.

Large number of buying decisions are made right on the retail location, but because of the complexity of the environment and exposure to the large number of stimuli it is hard to conclude, without the analytic approach, which stimulus was crucial for the buying decision in the end.

To solve the problem of „complexity“ and get the insights on movements and decisions on the retail locations, we use several different research strategies and methods:

  1. POS tracking - Customer tracking from entry to exit of the retail location, and at the same time in-depth interview accompanied by observation of everything customer perceives and how he makes explicit buying decisions.

      2. Shopping segmentation - Analysis of buying intentions and realised purchases immediately before and after the visit, based on which every customer is clustered in 1 of 6 segments with regard to style of purchase: determined, lost, won over, missed, impulse buyers and non-buyers.

      3. Recording of customers movements from entry to exit of the retail location („heat“ maps of the movement) and time of stay by the shelf.