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Concept test

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Concept test

In a phase when you have the concept of a new product or service, it is possible to investigate the level of interest among target group before the product launch. Will the new product/service be noticed in the market, how it is perceived compared to competitors' products/services, does it have "that something" which differentiates it from the others, and in the end, will the customers like it enough to buy it?

Why is concept testing useful?

  1. Many new products don't make it on the market. By testing and improvement of the first concept version it is possible to significantly lower the risk of failure, that is, raise the chance of market success, or discard the products/services which may be of no interest for the customers before further investments.
  2. Costs for this type of research are relatively small compared to the costs of investment in further development, production, distribution and marketing.

Basic questions which will be answered:

  • Which concepts are best-perceived by the target audience in terms of buying/usage interest and what is the overall likeability of each concept?
  • Which concepts are market ready, that is, ready for the next production stage?
  • Which concepts need improvement – modification of specific elements – and in which direction?
  • Which concepts should be discarded?