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Explorative, developmental focus groups and in-depth interviews

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Explorative, developmental focus groups and in-depth interviews

What do customers think, believe and feel about you, your ideas/concepts/products/services and your advertising solutions?

Focus groups and in-depth interviews are qualitative types of research. By using both of these methods through conversation the participants are encouraged to think and express their attitudes, reflections, feelings, needs and wishes. Experienced moderator has the ability to find out much deeper information than through the highly-structured questionnaires. During the research we have the ability to use audio-video and printed stimuli.

Examples when they are likely to be conducted?

  • When you want to investigate contents of which you have very little or almost no knowledge
  • When you want to deepen your knowledge on subjects which may be of your interest or which may create certain dilemma/misunderstanding
  • When you want to investigate certain sensitive subjects  
  • When, in developmental stage of new product/service or advertising solution, you want to determine what do (non)consumers think, believe or feel about them
  • When you want to modify an idea/concept or finished product/service/advertising solution and you are interested in customers' feedback
  • When you want to determine the customers' experience with finished products, services, companies, advertising solutions or events