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Packaging/design test

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Packaging/design test

What do customers think and feel about your product when they see its packaging/design?

When we see the packaging design of the product with which we don't have experience, we are unaware that we automatically make conclusions about the ingredients, quality, appropriate price, practicality and many other essential elements of that product.

Often only packaging design differs products which are almost identical by its ingredients, but one is perceived as finer „premium“ product, for which we are willing to pay more, while the other is perceived as less fine „budget“ product for which we are ready to pay less.

In a situation when you want to create the packaging for a new product or modernize the packaging of old product, design testing helps with selecting the design which will communicate the right messages to potential buyers. Furthermore, new packaging needs to distinguish itself among the variety of competitors' products on shelves.

Packaging/design testing enables us to choose, among more available solutions, the best solution which is the most attractive to the customers, in a way that it leaves the impression of the best, finest product, which is just for them and which provokes them to buy it.