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Product test

Many factors take effect on the sales results in the ending, but with food products, organoleptic (sensory) components, that is, combination of taste, smell and look of the product are definitely crucial. If customers buy the new product to try it and it does not satisfy their taste buds, they would not buy it again and new product will never make it.

Product testing is unavoidable and crucial type of research in the phase of developing new food product. Costs for this type of research are relatively low compared to production, distribution and marketing costs.

In which situations is product testing useful?

  1. When you have one or more versions of brand new product
  2. If you want to (discernibly) improve your existent product – so that the current users would like it even more, and additionally to attract users of your competitors' products
  3. If you want to (indiscernibly) alter the recipe for the old product in order to lower the production costs, in such way that the average consumer cannot perceive the alterations.

Basic questions which will be answered:

  • Which new products have the biggest market potential in terms of buying/usage interest, and what is the overall likeability of each test product?
  • How are the new products rated in comparison with products already available on the market?
  • Which products are market ready, that is, ready for the next production-sales phase?
  • Which products need improvement – modification of specific organoleptic elements?
  • Can the average consumer perceive certain alterations in product recipe?