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Advertising pre-test

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Advertising pre-test

Do you test your advertising solutions or do you rely on your „feeling”?

Pre-testing is a necessary and at a same time relatively inexpensive step towards decision making whether the campaign is ready to be launched or it needs improvements.

Numerous researches have shown that the general opinion that „Every commercial is a good commercial“ is in fact not true. Poorly conceived advertisement campaign can definitely harm the company image.

Goal of the pre-test is to test all of the essential elements needed so that the campaign has positive, expected results in terms of company image and sales in the end. Advertisement contents are being evaluated by a larger number of participants which represent the target group. They evaluate how much they generally like it, which emotions does it evoke, what do they particularly like and dislike, what did they notice after only one viewing (did they notice and remember brand name) and would they buy the advertised product or service.

It is possible to test any type of advertisement regardless of media or developmental stages of advertising solution.