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Do sales personnel follow procedures and what kind of buying experience do they provide to their potential customers?

Basic goal of Mystery Shopping research is to "scan" the pre-existing situation at retail locations. This task is being done by "mystery shoppers" – specially trained personnel which acts like typical visitors/customers of some retail location, while their behaviour is being regulated according to the scenario which has been agreed in advance. Mystery shoppers must closely observe the retail location interior and sales personnel and additionally ask them questions by which the quality of the service provided at the retail location will be evaluated.

What is the purpose of hiring mystery shoppers in order to estimate the quality of service at the retail location, and not ask real customers for their opinion?

The advantage of such method of evaluation is exactly in education of mystery shoppers which are able to scan and remember all of the relevant elements of some retail location and available personnel. By using this method, you get the objective measure of compliance with the company standards for business conduct.

Methods of data collection in Mystery Shopping research are visiting the retail location, telephone call and e-mail.