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Awareness, usage & attitude study

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Awareness, usage & attitude study

How do the customers perceive your product/service?

This type of study is aimed towards the detection of a relationship between consumers' behaviour and their perception of product/service with all the strengths and weaknesses. With this research you get the insight on "brand health".

Basic questions which will be answered:

  • Have the customers heard of my products/services?
  • What do customers know about me and my products/services?
  • What impression do they have of my products/services?
  • Are the customers aware of my marketing communication activities?
  • What is the customers' impression of my/competitors' marketing communication activities?
  • What brands customers know and use?
  • With which attributes do customers associate my products/services?
  • What impression do customers have of my competitors and their offer?
  • How is my brand positioned in relation to the competitors' brands?
  • What are the fundamental characteristics of the buying process of certain product/service category (what, where, when, how, how much and why)?