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Image, reputation and brand health barometer

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Image, reputation and brand health barometer

What do customers think of your company?

Does the first association have positive or negative tonality? Are you the company whose products/services they want to use or are you out of the question during the buying process because of the negative reputation? What has to be done in order to improve your image? What is your position in relation to the competitors' companies?

Basic questions which will be answered:

  • Have the people heard of and know my company?
  • What is customers' first association on the mention of my company?
  • What is, in terms of value, their attitude towards my company?
  • What advantages and disadvantages do they associate with my company?
  • What opinion do customers and non-customers have of my company?
  • What is the perceived quality of the products/services my company offers?
  • What is my customers' loyalty towards my company?
  • What is the image my company has related to those competitors have?