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Personal Data Protection

Each time you participate in one of surveys conducted by Promocija plus, you entrust us with your personal data. We as an agency are the Data Controller, here we describe our Personal Data Protection Policy, specifically which information we collect about you, to what purpose, how we store and use it.

Procedures practiced by the agency and all of its employees and associates are being regulated by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council since April 27th 2016, The Act on Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (NN 42/2018) and Market, Media and Public Opinion Research Association’s Personal Data Protection Code within HGK.

Besides answers to specific questions included in questionnaires about you personally, your habits, attitudes and preferences, in certain surveys we also record some of the personal data which enable identification of the survey participants. Depending on methodology used for data collection, we may collect participants telephone number, name, home address, e-mail address, IP address etc.

Personal data which enable participants' identification are being collected with a purpose of our interviewers' work quality control. Therefore, there is a possibility that you will be contacted after your participation by a controllor who will check whether you really participated in a recorded interview. Such method of quality control is a legitimate interest of every research agency which must be able to check and give proof of own work quality. After the period in which we as an agency control the work of our interviewers as well as the period in which our client can control us, all of the identifying personal data collected in survey are being permanently deleted from the existing databases.

Identifying personal data are not being forwarded to neither clients nor third parties. Therefore, although participation in an interview is not completely anonymous, research data are being processed and analysed in such way that you remain anonymous. Agency creates statistical reports in which data are being displayed in aggregated form. We are allowed to expose participant’s identity to a third party only in case participant has given us explicit approval for such doing.

In order to protect collected personal data, Promocija plus performs appropriate physical, technical and organizational protection measures. All our employees and associates have to sign Confidentiality Agreement which obliges them to protect all business information, including participants personal data information. In case any of the employees violates the Agreement and exposes the confidential information, besides financial penalties, penalties such as suspension and discharge are possible.

All data which we collect is being stored into secure databases. These databases are accessible only by authorized personnel within our agency which work on a specific research project. We use tools for security and data leaking suppression, permanently monitoring the critical systems, encrypting sensitive data and protecting the data from unauthorised access, alteration, loss, theft or any other type of data violence or abuse. In case that the leaking occurs, we will undertake all disposable steps in order to minimize the consequences of the leakage, while authorized institutions and all of the affected respondents whose data may be endangered will accordingly be informed without delay in cases where there is a possibility that such leakage will cause a high risk for their rights and liberties.

Since May 25th 2018, prior to conduct of each new research we request from participants their consent for research participation and collection of their personal data. Only respondents which on paper, electronically or orally give us their approval can participate in a survey. Our agency usually does not contact children (persons under age of 16) to participate in a survey. In case children need to be included into research, approval for participation and collection of personal data must be given by a parent, respectively carrier of the parental responsibility.

As a respondent you have following rights, which can be practiced after we determine your identity:

  • Possibility to see data which we have stored (Survey participant can request access to his personal data which we have stored, if it is still available, that is if not permanently deleted.)
  • Possibility to alter/update his personal data (Survey participant can request the update of his personal data which we have stored.)
  • Possibility to delete personal data (Survey participant can request partial or total deletion of his personal data. Agency is obliged to exclude and delete data if it is available. In case there is a demand for deletion of already anonymised and statistically processed data, it is not possible to exclude given data from the aggregated reports.)
  • Possibility to withdraw the approval for personal data processing (Approval withdrawal does not affect the legitimacy of processing based on approval prior to its withdrawal.)
  • Possibility to file a complaint.

For complaint, practice of your rights or additional information, feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer:

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Telephone number: +385 1 6310 403


Promocija plus d.o.o. reserves the right to modify its Personal Data Protection Policy according to legal amendments and business development. Every modification will be disclosed on our website.