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Are your employees satisfied?

In today's complex business environment people are recognized as the most important resource in the business. One of the prerequisites for the success is the recruitment of the right people who will deliver the superior service and thus make consumers happy. Besides their competences, success depends on their motivation and engagement, which is correlated with job satisfaction and organizational climate.

Which domains of the employment are measured with research?

  • Job satisfaction
  • Salary satisfaction
  • Working conditions satisfaction
  • Education possibilities satisfaction
  • Promotion possibilities satisfaction
  • Relations with co-workers satisfaction
  • Relations with managers satisfaction
  • Perception of company leadership
  • Perception of lifestyle and working in the company (organizational culture)

We ensure „safe“ surroundings in which employees can express their personal opinions and give suggestions for improvement, without contact with the managers, and knowing that their individual answers won't be exposed.

Final aim of the research is the improvement of the human resources management and organizational changes, and you receive specific guidance how to obtain that.